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Whether in the energy sector, public administration or with telecommunication providers: the constant changes in business and technology provide a challenge. We gladly take on these challenges and optimise approaches, procedures and processes. 

With security:
Identity & Access Management

Enterprise / Industry National grid network operator / Energy
Period 4/2012 – 3/2014
Role in the project Overall project management for the connection of business-critical information systems to the central Identity & Access Management System (IAM)
Activities in the project
  • Takeover of the running project
  • Safekeeping of internal resources availability and repair of critical legacy (defects and open issues)
  • Clarification of the framework conditions and processes with the product manufacturers and external service providers. Sourcing of project-critical Identity Access Management (IAM) specialists
  • Division of the project into fundamental issues, business requirements and technical implementation as well as preparation of the IAM Roadmap
  • Installation of a more effective management for tasking, communication and risk over the entire performance chain
  • Implementation of organisational and technical preconditions, coordination with the Information Security Officer, management of tests, clearances, rollouts, training courses and launches
  • Safekeeping of the technical implementation:
    • Standardised specifications and testing procedures;
    • Expansion of testing, integration and audit platforms;
    • Realisation, implementation and production status of work packages
  • Safekeeping of future connections, autonomously by the IAM-operation: standards and processes as well as external service providers as an "extended workbench"

Effective and comprehensive:
Migration and virtualisation of Windows clients as well as the entire application environment

Enterprise / Industry Canton Administration
Period April 2011 – December 2013
Role and project content Expertise, consulting/coaching of the overall project management during placement, planning, conception and implementation of the project tasking:
  • Migration of around 5,000 client workstations
  • Establishment resp. expansion of the development environment for hardware and software virtualisation
  • Establishment resp. expansion of appropriate operating platforms
  • Consolidation and virtualization of around 750 software solutions
  • overarching task management, risk management and controlling
Project-I (Client-Engineering)
  • Client Migration WinXP/ Office2003 to Win7/ Office2010 including the applications of the cantonal base clients and seven additional client types
  • Tasking:
    Safekeeping of planning, preconditions, risk management and controlling over the entire service chain. Various manufacturers, system integrators and external service providers as well as the internal IT organisation were involved.
(Migration and virtualisation platform)
  • Set-up/expansion of SW packeting platform (DSM7/AppV) of the client/back-end infrastructure (VMware) and the staging platform
  • Tasking:
    Sizing, availability, performance and scalability according to the volume-based roll-out process and forecast growth; safekeeping of know-how transfer for the project team and implementation/synchronisation with the IT operations
Project-III (Win7 capability and application virtualisation)
  • Appraisal and analysis for consolidation of the application environment
  • Preliminary investigations, tests and re-mediation of applications on Win7 capability and virtualization
  • Packaging, integration testing, clearances and deployment for the staging platform
  • Tasking:
    Definition and coordination of the process for work preparation and packaging; task and risk management as well as controlling over the entire performance chain. Main offices, service points, packeting team, testing team, roll-out team and IT operations were included.
Project IV (Training, roll-out and implementation)
  • Client Staging/Roll-out, end user training and introduction to IT operations
  • Tasking:
    Set-up of the control, reporting and controlling instrumentation, provision of project control, risk management and reporting system for the implementation measures.

Securely on the net at any time:
Implementation and further development of Service Monitoring/Service Quality Monitoring Systems

Enterprise / Industry Telecommunication service provider (mobile, fixed landline, Converged Services)
Period Since April 2003
Role and project content Comprehensive assistance and support in the implementation and further development of systems for Service Monitoring and Service Quality Monitoring: Implementation and further development of a service monitoring system to monitor the availability and quality of Mobile, Fixed Net and Converged Services in 24 hour Incident Management, Service Management Centre and 2nd Level Support Implementation and further development of an integrated Service Quality Monitoring / Service Monitoring System in the concurrently introduced Next Generation Service Assurance System: Analysis, specification, acceptance testing, documentation
Partial results (selection) Further development of the service monitoring system:
  • Conception, prototypical implementation and documentation of functional system enhancements as HowTo showcases for manufacturers (amongst others, mechanisms for integrating reference information, improvement of generic data interfaces and general performance improvements)

    • Analysis and formulation of solution concepts for problem positions to which various manufacturers were unable to deliver viable solutions
    • prototypical implementation of important features
    • Specification of case studies to service integration and maintenance as specification sheets for the development of successor systems for the originally used software
    • Support in Usability Engineering
    • Transfer of expertise to solution architects and other employees of the manufacturer
    • Definition of test objects and test cases for type approvals, support of the approval tests
    • Implementation of user and configuration training

  • Development of concepts and mechanisms for monitoring the availability and functionality of the Service Monitoring Systems
  • Development of concepts and mechanisms to monitor and reduce the event-based license costs
  • Consulting and coaching of the customer's employees
  • Database optimisation
  • Script programming (ksh, bash, csh, Sybase isql, Oracle etc.)
Tools Oracle SQL Developer, Comarch SQM, inter alia NETxPERT, FMeXEL, PMeXEL, Firehunter, Service Manager Configuration GUI, Sybase isql, MySQL Workbench, SQLplus, Solid, Ethereal
Work and system environment: amongst others, SUN Solaris, Windows Server, Sybase ASE, Oracle, Solid, MySQL, Remedy (Customised), O&M network of the integrated telecommunications provider
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