Understand. Mediate. Improve.

We support you in your changes and your company development


Whether for a short period, or for a long-term corporate strategy, you can count on our management support. Take advantage of the expertise of our Theme Champions who know all about your business areas.

We would be pleased to offer you:

  • temporary management  
  • Potential and Benchmark Analyses
  • Development of marketing strategies for your enterprise
  • Restructuring of your enterprise
  • Provision of capital/venture capital
  • Active or dormant participation
  • Merger and acquisition transactions
  • Optimisation of your organisation and IT
  • IT service and IT operations management
  • Application Development

We optimise your IT and your IT service


We customise all IT strategies to your overall business strategy, make success visible, place standardised analysis and control tools in your hand. In this way you can optimise your internal cooperation as well as always keep costs and risks under observation. Clear interfaces and task allocations facilitate the routine daily work. Regular audits with defined goals complete our offer and show the way for a successful corporate development.

The result is an optimal service, high customer satisfaction and an enormous boost of performance. 


Some successful examples from our many years of practice:


Insurance industry

Successful reorganisation and restructuring of a medium-sized insurance company with a subsequent sale to an international insurance company.


Pharmaceutics/ diagnostics

Building up of a business out of the medical industry followed by highly profitable sale (in millions of dollars) to a US company.


Industrial enterprise in the field of recycling and refuse-derived fuel creation

Procurement of a company participation, including management on time and equity participation, with the peak result of a doubling of revenues and a 500 percent increase in dividends after only 3 years.


Project Management

Project management takeover of a large US hardware and software manufacturer at a substantial German insurance company with a project volume of EUR 20 million. The faltering project was successfully completed within 8 months.

Medium-sized Handicraft and Service Enterprises

Successful project management in handicraft and service enterprises with the emphasis on increasing revenue and profit, restructuring, equity participation, succession planning as well as merger and acquisition transactions.

Waste Management

Reliable control of the recyclable fraction flow, compliance with statutory provisions, optimising IT and logistics, securing the liquidity sound finances of waste and recycling enterprises.

"Design successful change processes."